Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project MuffStit x Zillieman

Objective: To make cheap things look friggin HAWT!
Tools: Clothes, Models, Awesome cameraman, Stylist wannabe, dingy alley, FUN
The MuffStit clan had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer friend, Fazil 'Zillieman' Fuad for a friggin AWESOME photoshoot couple of days ago.

Here's a background check on him:
Interested in photography from the day his father handed him his first digital camera and a Canon EOS 888 for his 14th, exploring the wonders of art and design eversince. Rebelious against his parent's wishes for him to take up engineering during his teen years; the Zillieman decided his persuading skills are worth more and finally managed to convince that he's perhaps the more artistic one in his family (Damn sure he is).
Currently studying Communication Design in RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. Packs a Canon EOS 350D (70-300mm f4.5-5.6, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6, 50mm f1.8), imagination and a good cup of coffee
You ought to check out his photos and the blown up pics on his site. Too damn FINE.
We played stylist wannabe with the motive of turning cheap/reasonably priced clothes into pure gems.
Results? .....pricelesssssssss....
ps: We added some 'Live Polyvore' shots for those who want to perve on individual pieces
Photographer: FazilFuad
Stylist: Sheryl Oon + Michelle Pong
Models: Andrea Hui + Graeme Ian Khalil
Clothes: Model's & Stylist's own
Photoshoot music: M.I.A-Bamboo Banger

Yes, we are just so damn short, but really.... height is just a number =)

For some behind the scene shots, check Muff's blob or Stit's blob

PS: A big thank you once again to Fazil, Andrea, Graeme and Sam for helping us out for this Project! Working with you guys-->Too damn sweet!


Muff & Stit


Anonymous said...

grae is very good looking! love his outfit :D

xanne said...

great pictures, attractive models, a talented photog & GENIUS stylists = a BRILLIANT COLLABORATION.

Binnie said...

Ohmigod. Fazil is too awesome. And so are you wonderful creatures. Love the styling and Graeme's hair in the last photo. I wanna go Australia for the awesome lighting -________-

ninja said...

very cool project... and the pictures are great!!!! i love them

Joyce Hoi Gi said...


i looove muff's black leather jacket. may i know where did you get it? :D


singz said...

wooo hoooo. loves it. super duper hot man. yayyy graeeee. haha. seriously awesome photos.

A dreamer said...

ahhh! what a killer shoot! sooo awesome awesome awesome! the models did a helluva job.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Grae is hot!

Via said...

Yes chelle..Grae is HAWT!! If i ever make it to melbourne next year..introduction please!!! Thankss... =P

Reddock said...

Hey Guys,

I have two questions for you. I'm interested in finding that perfect leather bomber do you have any sugestions. the last on is I am interested in getting a camera, can you give me some suggestion on what I should be looking for in purchasing one.

Mellissa Lee said...

reeeeoowwwrrr! graeme looks HOT! hahahaha :P hope all's well with you in melbourne girl, catch up with you when i get back! xx

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