Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project MuffStit x Zillieman

Objective: To make cheap things look friggin HAWT!
Tools: Clothes, Models, Awesome cameraman, Stylist wannabe, dingy alley, FUN
The MuffStit clan had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer friend, Fazil 'Zillieman' Fuad for a friggin AWESOME photoshoot couple of days ago.

Here's a background check on him:
Interested in photography from the day his father handed him his first digital camera and a Canon EOS 888 for his 14th, exploring the wonders of art and design eversince. Rebelious against his parent's wishes for him to take up engineering during his teen years; the Zillieman decided his persuading skills are worth more and finally managed to convince that he's perhaps the more artistic one in his family (Damn sure he is).
Currently studying Communication Design in RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. Packs a Canon EOS 350D (70-300mm f4.5-5.6, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6, 50mm f1.8), imagination and a good cup of coffee
You ought to check out his photos and the blown up pics on his site. Too damn FINE.
We played stylist wannabe with the motive of turning cheap/reasonably priced clothes into pure gems.
Results? .....pricelesssssssss....
ps: We added some 'Live Polyvore' shots for those who want to perve on individual pieces
Photographer: FazilFuad
Stylist: Sheryl Oon + Michelle Pong
Models: Andrea Hui + Graeme Ian Khalil
Clothes: Model's & Stylist's own
Photoshoot music: M.I.A-Bamboo Banger

Yes, we are just so damn short, but really.... height is just a number =)

For some behind the scene shots, check Muff's blob or Stit's blob

PS: A big thank you once again to Fazil, Andrea, Graeme and Sam for helping us out for this Project! Working with you guys-->Too damn sweet!


Muff & Stit

Saturday, September 27, 2008

MuffStitShop Updates!

Hey peeps!
We're back for a new round of vintage goodies!
A lot of basics, slip-ons and cardis to play around with this round. Perfect pieces for spring time!
Hop over! You know u want to! =)
muff n stit

Monday, September 22, 2008

Project Alter Ego

Objective: To be the cheapskates we are, revamping a dress using only AUD$28 to create a whole new dress

Tools: Itchy fingers, victim dress, fabric paint, paint brush, fabric, thread, scissors, measuring tape, LOTSA LOVE

No thanx to Chelle's poorest/desperate days, she had to work her itchy fingers to create a new dress from her closet choice. Meet victim dress:

Bustier red dress worn once. Wouldnt wana be seen wearing the same red dress twice innit?

What you'll be needing: Some fabric, fabric paint, paint brush, thread, measuring tape
(note: You could always use fabric dyes if your dress is made of cotton, wool, silk...etc. Mine was made of polyester fabric and was just a pain in the arse to paint)

This dress was inspired by the whole Miu Miu look (ya, quite unoriginal..but heck, we're no designers).

A bit of amateur hand stitching and many finger pricks later....

This wasn't the purple we were looking for, but it was the best we could work with.

Make sure you've got power brushes, it makes the hell lot of difference.

and TADA! (ignore my CHEEESY TEETHY smile)..focus on the dress!!!

Unfortunately the purple turned out looking like dirty purple, but there wasn't really anything else that could be done.

There's Project Alter Ego for you: From red hot sexy bustier to cute Miu miu-esque puff dress

A friendly note from the MuffStit peeps: DO TRY THIS AT HOME. Give ur pockets a rest will yeah?? Coming from us, that's saying A LOT!

Plus, you get the show off your handy work at play! =)

AUD$28 for a whole new dress, not too bad innit?

Have fun trying!!


Muff n Stit

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mrs. Piuseppe is waiting for you!

If you have been an avid follower of Project Muff Stit, you'd probably think we the Muff & Stit duos have reached our blind alley, lost all inspirations and killed the project altogether!

No no, dont' sulk just yet ladies. We are now back (not that we were really away), with double portions!! In fact, Project Muff Stit has a newborn little baby sista, **MUFF STIT SHOP . COM**!

This princess is filled with amazing vintage yums and crazy 50's Beatnik printed dresses and to-die-for junks, all waiting for their new homes.

So quick! Get your bumbum there!! Mrs Piuseppe (the granny next door) is already sitted by the fireplace waiting to knit you darlings some warm fuzzy mohair cardi while you have a sip of Earl Grey, a bite of homemade oven baked scones, and shop some more!! While we continue to treasure hunt and deliver all the goodies right to your doorstep with a note of love.

mmm...are you hungry yet? We are!


Muff & Stit

Monday, September 1, 2008

Project Reddock

Thanx to our dear reader, Natalie Reddock for her email, we manage to pull off another simple project for you readers. Specially for you Natalie. =)

She asks: 'How do you change your summer wear into things that can be worn in the winter?'

I guess a lot of us do have that habit of stuffing our summer wear deep into the closet once fall/winter comes along. It's a shame how sometimes we dont make full use of our clothing capacity and only stick to the usual 'fall/winter' pieces.

So here's a few polyvore outfits we played around with using some spring/summer pieces for colder days:


Project Reddock

Objective: To change basic summer wear to outfits that can be worn to fight the horrid cold. Brr.

Tools: Basic summer pieces, some fall/winter pieces, a lot of mix & match

Your basic spring/summer pieces: Stripe Tee & denim shorts

Pair them with some leggings under, throw those leather jacket and pair it with some booty to fight that cold. Oh ma, that forest green Dr Marts are killin us, LOVE LOVE

Your basic spring/summer piece: Basic slouch tank & Black chiffon skirt

Throw on a knit cardi and some warm wooly stockings to complete that fall preppy look.

Your spring/summer pieces: Basic tank top and checkered trousers

Put on a simple blazer and throw em accessories like a crazy mama to spice up that dull winter look

Your spring/summer pieces: Ol skool basic Tee, a summer maxi skirt

If you're thinking of wearing simple Tees under, try throwing on a thicker cardigan for extra warmth (even better if they have layers like the one above). And of course, work some colour with your scarves!

ps: hope that helped u a lil babe. =)


Ps: The MuffStit peeps would also like to congratulate Kimmy (mail us your address babe!) for coming up with the best project name for 'Project XXX'. She bags this awesome vintage scarf home!

Project 'XXX' is now called Project Play-Box, with her interpretation,

'I think that's how I see "project muff stit" as, two girls with a box of awesome clothes and accessories to play around and go crazy with! so play-box :) '

Also thanx to other readers who submitted their project names to us! it was interesting to go through all of your ideas, specially yours Salty. heh

till next project


Muff & Stit