Monday, September 22, 2008

Project Alter Ego

Objective: To be the cheapskates we are, revamping a dress using only AUD$28 to create a whole new dress

Tools: Itchy fingers, victim dress, fabric paint, paint brush, fabric, thread, scissors, measuring tape, LOTSA LOVE

No thanx to Chelle's poorest/desperate days, she had to work her itchy fingers to create a new dress from her closet choice. Meet victim dress:

Bustier red dress worn once. Wouldnt wana be seen wearing the same red dress twice innit?

What you'll be needing: Some fabric, fabric paint, paint brush, thread, measuring tape
(note: You could always use fabric dyes if your dress is made of cotton, wool, silk...etc. Mine was made of polyester fabric and was just a pain in the arse to paint)

This dress was inspired by the whole Miu Miu look (ya, quite unoriginal..but heck, we're no designers).

A bit of amateur hand stitching and many finger pricks later....

This wasn't the purple we were looking for, but it was the best we could work with.

Make sure you've got power brushes, it makes the hell lot of difference.

and TADA! (ignore my CHEEESY TEETHY smile)..focus on the dress!!!

Unfortunately the purple turned out looking like dirty purple, but there wasn't really anything else that could be done.

There's Project Alter Ego for you: From red hot sexy bustier to cute Miu miu-esque puff dress

A friendly note from the MuffStit peeps: DO TRY THIS AT HOME. Give ur pockets a rest will yeah?? Coming from us, that's saying A LOT!

Plus, you get the show off your handy work at play! =)

AUD$28 for a whole new dress, not too bad innit?

Have fun trying!!


Muff n Stit


KATLIN said...

Not only did the dress turn out super cute, but your hair/face is super cute too! Oh, sorry, did that sound creepy??

Joyce Hoi Gi said...

yeah i totally agree with katlin! cute-nye haahah. I will definitely give it a try! :D again. thanks heaps for sharing!

Anonymous said...

omg that looks terrible,
but kudos on the effort. lucky your personality could carry the charade you were wearing off just nicely :)

this is not meant as offense, but hahah so cute :)

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

omg, that dress looks gorgeous! Better than the original I reckon. Very funky and oh so cool! :) x

Miranda said...

WOW! it looks GREAT. SO much better than the original! good job girls!

nAt said...

Hey good job on the dress, it's really pretty :)

Lyndi said...

check this out:
kudos from your irish fan(s)

E said...

i like how it almost look leather-ish! awesome. did you manage to paint the ENTIRE dress using 2 tubes only?

or you didnt paint the area which was covered by the skirt?

ninja said...

omg i thought the oink dress is out of leather XDD
.. why is it so shiny?
whatever... i still love it. <3

A dreamer said...

it turned out fantastic! so who cares if you borrowed a little inspiration from miu miu.
was that shiny-ness intentional?

Anonymous said...

i like how the both you tie up your hair in different styles for the modelled pic in muffstitshop. it would be great if you can share with us how you tie 'em :)

issa said...

aww i love the transformation!

The Muff+Stit Shop said...

Thanx all for the awesome comments....guess all the finger pricks and long hours got paid off after all..=) one. Did leave THAT part to its original colour..wanted to leave some 'memory' of the old dress...but really, I was just being lazy, heh

managed to use 1.5 bottles for the dress. If you would to paint the entire dress, 2 bottles would suffice

ninja:ya, the shiny-ness was due to excessive layers of fabric paint. It DOES look like leather huh??...

a dreamer: OOH, nicely said nicely said. and NO, not intentional..too much fabric paint results to this.

anon: ooh, sounds like a project to us!

Anonymous said...

turned out great! hahah, and i like your hair. :) is your hair cut in a v-shape? or is it the same length all around?

myprettycrown said...

This is going to sound really dumb, but I REALLY dont know which part you painted!!!!

Okay so the whole Original dress looks matt red to me, but the new dress has got a (different?) maroon-ish glossy shade now, and did you add a tulle to the skirt?

So did you paint the whole dress?? Ahhh sorry :S

But anyway, I am like HOW GLAD I stumbled onto your blog!!! I like the Muff+Stit shop you girls have great finds really!!!!

And both of you have perfect hair. Urghhhh why does it neverrrr look out of place :(

Sorry this was lonngggggg! :)