Saturday, August 30, 2008

Best Behaviour

When I discovered the amazing brand Best Behaviour by the Danish duo, Marie Ørberg and Malene Brøchner, I was everything but at my best behaviour; squirming around my cushion seat in much excitement and ooh-and-aah-ing at every detail and folds, and already beating my brains off thinking how I would pair each and every piece with (if I were to own any, and happen to be in Sydney or even a Copenhagen kid, daymm!)


'Best Behaviors' concept is to create casual fashion with comfortable materials, which creates the characteristic of a relaxed look that Best Behavior prefers. The focus is on simple colours, unusual cuts, cool details and above all - a good fit. '

It seems they have definitely achieved what looks like casual fashion to me, with pieces from the aw08 collection, everything was religiously kept to the minimal, cool neutrals, loose relaxed cuts, warm fuzzy knits, jumbo scarves and abit of a drop-crotch pants thrown in here and there. Ohh just superb garments with superb drapings for ultra superb layerings. Haa, suddenly i wish for winter to never go awayy......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project '6 for the price of 1'

Objective: To get 6 times the worth of an oversized denim shirt (bcos we're cheap like that, heh)

Tools: Oversized denim shirt, belt, random Tees, some creativity

We've all gone through days when dressing up becomes a pain in the arse. You've got a shirt, but damn, what do you do with it? Well here's a couple of ways we played around with using a simple oversized denim shirt. Makes life a whole lot easier when u've got a few options to play around with huh?

Wear it how your father would

Or wear it over a Tee and turn it into a bustier tube dress

Or you could try turning it into a long slouchy skirt for that grungier look
Or wear it short?

A simple denim collared dress perhaps?

or wear it over the neck during cooler days

Try this on your oversized checked shirt or a vintage floral piece for different looks. We're sure there's more to play around with , but this is just a few we thought you might have fun experimenting with.

Hit us if you've got other crazier ideas to work with!

ps: We'll be announcing the winner for best 'XXX' name next monday! As for the 1st 3 lucky commenters (1st anonymous, gramaticallyincorrect, & revel in me) * Liss doesnt count cos she's Chelle's lil sista, heh * who will be picking up a vintage earring each, do hit us a mail at so that we know where to post those earrings to. Thanx a bunch!


Muff & Stit

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Launch: Project XXX

' A peculiar day at Mayfair Street got Muff & Stit inspired to do something. Something that only they understood, something that no one else with the right set of mind would ever pursue because really……’s just as good as mass murdering brain cells, but knowing how crazy these 2 are, they’d still run like free-range chickens out on the loose (brain dead or not).

It wasn’t until that crazy lady down at Mayfair Street that urged them to start ProjectMuffStit, a collaboration that celebrates home-made fashion; a project of fashion projects. '

So here we are launching this baby project of ours for the very first time. If you're one of those who enjoy a jackload of creative, fun, fashion focused projects, then baby, you're home!!!!


We thought what better way than to start the launch with our very first project:

Project XXX
Objective: To style a photoshoot depicting different styles and mood.
Tools: 4 MuffStit friends, old newspaper, lotsa tape, a trunkload of clothes, Toy Poodle, knick knacks, lotsa dead brain cells

Muffstit friend 1: Sweat Lee
The epitome of a girl-next-door, someone who stays true to simplicity and fuss free clothing. We decided to play with 2 different looks of 'Work & Holiday': Cheeky secretary and pup loving hippie.

MuffStit friend 2: Elia
A fashionista in her own rights, Elia managed to pull some strings and scored us some goodies from local Malaysian designer, Pu3 (eg: the blue goddess dress, red jersey ruched top) The idea of this shoot was to create outfits that could be worn to please the night crowd and yet dim enough for daytime wear.

MuffStit Friend 3: Sherve
A good friend full of joy and laughters, so we thought what better way than to put her into outfits that suit her personality! We kept it minimal and used 2 same dresses (of different colours) to create 2 very different looks

MuffStit Friend 4: Lye
A rocker chic at heart who loves her labels. So we got cheeky and made her succumb to girly frocks just to get on her nerves. hehe. But you gotta agree she's rockin those florals and knee highs.

So down to the juicy part!! If you've noticed, this project doesn't actually have a name just yet. What we'd like you creative minds to do is start sending in suggestions as to WHAT you'd think would best suit this style photoshoot project. Basically we want those 'XXX's to be filled up yawww!

You could either hit us a comment or mail us at and the person who comes up with the craziest project name gets this awesome vintage scarf sent right to your doorsteps!

Also as part of our launch, we'll be giving away these 3 clip-ons to our first 3 commenters!

Thank you to Sweat Lee, Elia, Sherve and Lye for helping us with Project XXX! You guys were a blast to work with.

We love you!

Muff & Stit