Monday, September 8, 2008

Mrs. Piuseppe is waiting for you!

If you have been an avid follower of Project Muff Stit, you'd probably think we the Muff & Stit duos have reached our blind alley, lost all inspirations and killed the project altogether!

No no, dont' sulk just yet ladies. We are now back (not that we were really away), with double portions!! In fact, Project Muff Stit has a newborn little baby sista, **MUFF STIT SHOP . COM**!

This princess is filled with amazing vintage yums and crazy 50's Beatnik printed dresses and to-die-for junks, all waiting for their new homes.

So quick! Get your bumbum there!! Mrs Piuseppe (the granny next door) is already sitted by the fireplace waiting to knit you darlings some warm fuzzy mohair cardi while you have a sip of Earl Grey, a bite of homemade oven baked scones, and shop some more!! While we continue to treasure hunt and deliver all the goodies right to your doorstep with a note of love.

mmm...are you hungry yet? We are!


Muff & Stit


b0mB§h€LL said...

Haha.. I love the intro. :)

Mrs Piuseppe (the granny next door)

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Things on your blog that I love

The floral skirt in one of your earlier posts, held at the waist by a belt.

The newspapered that someone's room?

The floral-y dress with the learther dress.

Love the casual pants from Best Behaviour...I wouldn't be able to pull them off though.

The huge cardi and the gold skirt in the polyvore set.

Everything else I think I've commented on. I just love your blog and think you guys have such a good idea :) xx