Monday, October 27, 2008

Contest Tee-Up!

To recover from our long haul hiatus, the Muffstit peeps are running a week long contest for the sake of dressing up fun. Tee hee. The subject being : White Tees.

All you gotta do is style 'em up using a basic WHITE TEE (we couldnt give a fly if it was a big T, small T, dirty T or Grandpa's T, as long as its a white T, we're taking it!) work some clicks with the camera, post them up on your personal site, link us back (and mail us!) and we'll come stalking you guys by picking our favourite! Easy Peasy, but make sure all entries are in by Friday, 7th November 2008!

Ps: Non-bloggers who'd like to join the fun, you guys can always send us ur photos at

Our favourite pick will be bagging this awesome vintage geometric slip home as well as a 20% discount off their next purchase from MuffStitshop

Here's some examples of us playing around with our White Tees:

Muff in her 80's comeback
Stit in her grandma lace slip ons and retarded Chun Li hair

Muff being her stick self
Stit being err...Stit

Have fun peeps!!!


Bridget. said...

Can we get all DIY love on our tees?
Fancy feathers and croping and alike?

Is there a limit of how many times we can enter, I may have difficulty picking one look?

Muff Stit said...

Bridget:hahaha, go ahead and get crazy with your styling! limitations watsoever...

we'd prefer if it was just one entry though, or it might get a bit messy eyh...have fun!

Bridget. said...

Ok cool, I'm going to have fun with this.

Eka Nazhwa said...

I've mailed you my entry! :D

Muff Stit said...

eka: Thank you!! we absolutely adore it! good luck babe :)

LindaSue said...

Is that you on the facehunter blog? :)

K said...

Hey! =)

Ok. So we went a bit crazy.

At least we had a good laugh. Hope you will too.

irene said...

i just realised i don't have a white tee - not even a tank top. *blink blink*

oh wait, i have a white cami!! does that count? *runs away and tries anyway*

Anonymous said...

woi where your results la
i cant wait to see the winner la