Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Contest Tee Up results!

First up, thanx to all YOU lovely people who took the time and effort to participate in our first attempt on a contest! As much as we hope that more more more of you peeps out there would join in the fun with us, we had a lotta fun browsing thru the pics that were sent in!
We'd like to congratulate Eka of Invertedalpha for the amazing snapshot of her dressing up with her white T, we were absolutely in love with it! Gotta thank her lil sista for an amazing pic taken eyh ;).
ps: Say Eka, fancy to take home that vintage geometric slip and a 20% discount from Muffstitshop? Heh, hit us a mail and we'll sort the rest out eyh? Congratulations babe =)

pss: Also featured on www.femmething.com !

Here are more shots of the lovely peeps who played dress up with us:

In love with the shots sent in by Bridget who happens to run a boutique in Singapore, I Never Promised you a Rose Garden. A little gem you guys OUGHT to check out!!!

Lu Xanne, showing that a plain white Tee doesn't just have to be a plain white Tee =)

Ng ZhengNing of Ningaspauling turning her white Tee into a toga top & tube dress, a tipper you peeps outta try huh?

Trina & Sapphira Toh of Spiralsafterswirls offering us with a variety of looks

Nicola Lim workin it with simple, sexy looks, luv it!

Cynthia playing around with alter ego looks: Boy vs Girl

Kim of Kiminpink working those basic pieces for that overall crisp clean look, yums!

Goh Lynn-Nee and her DIY mimco knock off necklace, tippers for you ppl! =)

Irene Yap of Bloodysharp putting a bit of military-esque details into her outfit

Sherve playing around with neckties and hats to balance masculine and femininity

Hui Wen playing around with cute, playful looks, specially loving her take on the bow.
Thanx once again to all u lovely people! Definitely more competitions coming up!
Muff & Stit


Eka Nazhwa said...
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Liv said...

wow! those entries are just awesome! good pick on the winner too, but the others look fantastic too! :) Great idea people xx

chic said...

Your blog is amazing!

Anonymous said...

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