Saturday, November 29, 2008


The main reason why we started ProjectMuffStit couple of months back was to work on collaborative projects with creative individuals in the fashion+art+design industry. Fate brought us to bump into Stesha Ho on the streets about 3 months ago. A couple of meet ups and alcohol shots after, we brought her on board to work on a project with us.

Apart from being our former high school junior and now our trusty lil fairy, Stesh is a 2nd year student at RMIT’s Diploma of Textiles, Clothing and Footwear. Her foundation at LimKokWing University has helped her garner an amazing skill in fashion sketches in which stunned the hell outta both of us. Friggin no joke wtfomgkillergilerbabikrazee.
Her style is the epitome of haute couture on fire with distinctive elaborateness and minute detailing sometimes even the eye can’t see. She’s THAT anal believe us you.
If there was one person in the world that watches O.C while sewing tartan prints on a big ass industrial sewing machine, it would be her. Nutso? We think so too; but you’ll be amazed how she pushes her limit with her keen eye and attention to details. To quote, “I rather make one kickass dress than hundreds of average ones”. Damn well said.
5 Random facts about Stesha Ho:
- Biggest history buff who owns a big arse shelf collection of history books and that sorta errr…boring stuff. Heh
- Stresses too much it’s crazy
- Capable of drinking 10x more the alcohol capacity than her boyfriend
- High chances of automatic doors not opening for her, she’s just that small
- Her lousy can’t do alcohol boyfriend is none other than our photography slut beyotch, Zillieman.
For a small, petite girl like her, we see big things coming her way, and that’s almost an understatement.

To contact her, hit her a mail at

So what's 2 crazee wannabe try-hard no-skilled girls doing with a fashion designer in the making you ask? Check back on the 1st of December, this Monday for the launch of our latest project!

Muff & Stit


Susan said...

2 words.... Friggin' Awesome...!!!

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