Monday, December 1, 2008


Today, marks the end of our 2 month long slave fest; and finally a day we can all say, 'damn it, it's a friggin wrap'!
If you even give a two cents about what we two crazee wannabe-try-hard girls are up to, hold your horses and freeze right there dollies! Pump the stereos up, get comfortable and pin your eyes on this collaborative work by ProjectMuffStit and Stesha Ho.

What's the formula, u ask?

Step 1: Downing our regular jugs of Ice Jasmine Green Tea with extra honey pearls for that inspiration punch. A little habit we got hooked on since a couple months back. Teehee.

Step 2: Paint the images of 6 dress designs in our micro brains and imagine it come to life, of course while pigging out on some Tuna Carpaccio!

Step 3: Enslaved Stesha Ho to sketch out our brainwork on paper.

Step 4: Made trip after trips of fabric hunting. So crazy its not funny.

Step 5: Fairy got to work and zombied herself on that monster machine, eventually making our designs come to life. woots!

2 months after and our brainwork has come to life:
All one-off designs by Muff+Stit
Tailor-made by Stesha Ho
Photographed by Zillieman


'A collection based on the tale of two lost girls and their trusty lil' fairy'

Mocha cocktail dress

We went a bit crazy with the ‘Poof’ here but I guess it didn’t turn out half bad. Teehee. Mocha silk organza hand-sewn onto champagne coloured tube and finished off with a black circle skirt. This will fit a size 8-10.

Bust- 86cm
Waist- 70cm
Length (waist down) - 38cm
Length (waist up) - 31cm


Asymmetrical Gradient Panel cocktail dress

This is one dress that broke Stesh into cold sweat while she camped the night hand-sewing each panel to achieve that asymmetrical effect on the dress. Made from Poly Satin fabric in Midnight Blue, Royal Blue, Crayon Blue, Purple & Maroon. Self-lined with a full circle skirt. For those who’d like some edge (pun intended). Best fitted on a size 8-10

* Belt not included

Bust- 86cm
Waist- 70cm
Length (Waist down)-37cm
Shortest Panel length-17cm
Longest Panel length- 33cm

Stretch Tartan Bustier Cocktail Dress

This green lil number comes with a handmade bowtie that can be tied to your liking- head, waist, neck and wrist. Play around for different effects. Best for a size 10.

Hips- 42.5cm
Length: 65.5cm
Bow tie length:21cm

Heavy Cotton Hooded dress/top

Play Black Riding Hood with this minimal cowl draped neckline dress/top that comes with a last minute addition of a back flap hoodie and rolled up sleeves. Made from black heavy cotton fabric. A good size 8 fit.

Length- 70.5cm


Silk Drop Crotch Jumpsuit

Made from 100% silk in chalk gray, so if you’re thinking this is one hellavu comfy piece, you’re pretty damn right. Comes attached with 2 black jersey knotted ropes for you to play fairy tale story with all night long. Good for a size 8-10.

Length (waist down) - 97cm
Length (waist up) - 23.5cm


Dark Gray jersey dress with knotted strings

This dress went through multiple design change but we finally agreed on a slouch open sleeved jersey dress with a low back. Stesh came up with the brilliant idea of knotting the jersey strips to create some complexity and drama to this simple knit piece. Size 8-10

Length (from top to U-shape back) - 32cm
Length (from top to U-shape front)- 23cm
Full Length – 76cm
PS: All pieces were fitted to model for photoshoot purposes, for actual size, refer to measurements!

This is a Project in conjunction with Christmas and we're all for the spirit of exchanging! So to all buyers of the ProjectMuffStit X Stesha Ho collection, we're giving you peeps each a AUD$25 voucher from the MuffStitShop.
Hit us a mail at if you're interested to bag home one of these one-off, original designs! Happy Shopping and Merry Xmas!

Muff & Stit


andrew said...

I am speechless when I saw this.

And I don't know how else to compliment you two now. Awesome.

Eka Nazhwa said...

OH GOD. You people are genius. This is major! I wish I have moolahs to own them all.

But anyhoos, congratulations! XXX

Miranda said...

omg. you guys did amazing work!!
kudos to all 3 of you! amazing!

* j * said...



Anonymous said...

this is so awesome
it looks professional and to think uni students that are still studying did all these are just crazy

Lynn-Nee said...

Can I just say ...

Cover of French Vogue WORTHY.
Awesome job.
Lovings it.
You know, I have scrolled up and down on the same post about a million times now. Haha.


b0mB§h€LL said...

Girls... these are amazing! the cltohes and photos-both!! well done! :)

Anonymous said...

the designs are exquisite, the execution even better. the photographs are fantastic, respectively. i'm in awe girls. well done.

revel in me said...

WOWWWW you girls are AWESOME models! The photos are <33333

lyn said...

all of them are amazing and beautiful. I especially love the Mocha cocktail dress and Asymmetrical dress. The quality looks superb from the photos alone. :)

issa said...

AMAZING!!! love these pieces and the photos!! i think i need to experiment more with my sewing.

Elle said...

Gosh damnnnnnnnnnnnn. You bitches are good!!!! You guys design, style and model?!?!?! :O You guys OWN! I really, really love this! I'd totally buy those pieces if they were in Ringgit instead of AUD! Haha. Can't wait for what you guys have next!

sassy said...

very very nice unique pieces...

ninja said...

you are awesome... all of you.

wan noor atiqah said...

OMG! I reeaaallyyyyy love the Asymmetrical Gradient Panel cocktail dress! damn long lah the name.
ultimate awesomeness!
if only i had the money grrrr

Eleh said...


mellyjellybelly said...

hands down, this is awesome.

Mariƫlle said...

These photos leave me speechless. I could wear every single piece.

I linked you on my blog, hope you don't mind!

starm|st said...

beautiful!! i came here too late! almost everything has been sold!

Taylor said...

beautiful!! i saw this on lookbook and had to check it out... i am taking some time off work to work on a collection soon; this is so inspiring!! congratulations!

-k said...

This is amazing stuff. The clothes design are really original and you girls are fierce models. Kudos to you two and the fairy! Congratulations!

Farrah Ezzaty said...

Jaw-dropping photos! Super gorgeous!

saltydogg said...

can i wear one please? :p

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cocktail dresses!!! They are AWESOME!

ChicLisboa said...

I love all pieces!!! you're genious!!

Anonymous said...

glad 2 see u guys r making full use of ur skills.
way to go :)

theauntie said...

omgggg i want them all

Thu said...

really amazing stuff! wow, good job!

mazrah said...

your stuff is fabulous. i love it! would so buy if i could try them on. i'm a uk 6 and studying in london so guess there's no way i could get my hands on your stuff soon :(

also, just wanted to mention that your last 3 items remind me of :)

alexandra said...

these pieces are beautiful! i want them alllll! xx

Sue Anna Joe said...

The 2nd photo is just to die for. The outfits are too die for. Die die die. Super damn talented. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE what the collaboration has done!!! The outfits are awesome and the photography and modelling are just great! I just wanted to say that it's really inspiring to see such amazing designs=P

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