Monday, January 19, 2009

Femmething x ProjectMuffStit


Yes people we're back in KL and yet another wacky collaborative project is right upfront in queue we can literally smell it, can you? This time, it's the Project Muff Stit and the ever resourceful Femmething family!

Besides having a taste of a world driven by fe-male ego, do anticipate a night pumped up with fashion runway by us, kickarss illustrations by fashion illustrator, Shairazi Sulastry aka GG, photographer, Fazil ‘Zillieman’ Fuad, a special art exhibit by Bulu Bulu Studios and of course, the non-stop head bopping finger pointing hair flinging music by Dj XU (the other half of the Lapsap boys). All under one roof!

We're so friggin' pumped, we're giving out invites like a maniac (in trio, imagine.) ! So for you readers who will be in KL this friday, email us at to get hold onto yours.

It's party time!!

Muff + Stit

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ninja said...

hey how was it???