Monday, February 9, 2009

It's ovah!

We thought it'd only be fair if we were to share some of the very few pictures taken in memory of the night we have earnestly anticipated for; where every specimen in the bodies of both FT and PMS shivered while watching the super backstage chaos heighten, and waiting for the show to start, which then, felt like forever!

And especially to our many lovely readers who, unfortunately, did not manage to snap up some FT x PMS invites for the event (thanks to the peanut space that Barsonic had to offer and where 80% of that peanut space were dedicated to the runway platform itself!), we sincerely apologize, with tears! So we're making it up to you guys out there with some lovely pictures taken by our amazing photographers Jules & Jason! hehe ;)

Installations by Mawk, Zillieman & GG:


Then, it's party time!

We'd also like to give thanks for all the support from our friends & family, our loyal readers, all 15 models that helped make it all happen, our many contributors and sponsors and most of all, Femmething!

Muff + Stit


Anonymous said...

Are the runwayy clothes by any chanceee be for sale ? : )

Chelle said...

anon: yeap of cos!'ll be up for sale once we've completed the photoshoot...

ninja said... the pics are awesome. so sad i couldnt be there. rock it!